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Project number Project theme Project leader Details
GRATS Global Research Alliance on Traffic and Safety Akinori Morimoto
(Waseda University)
2002B Research on Safety Improvement through Observation and Control of Crowd Behavior in Public Spaces and Pedestrian Areas Nagahiro Yoshida
(Osaka City University)
2003A Development of Walkable City Assessment Methods Tomohiro Ichinose
(Keio University)
2004C Role of public transportation in supporting cultural and creative functions of cities Fumihiko Nakamura
(Yokohama National University)
2005C Automated vehicle and the new traffic system: how to reorganize the relationship between human beings, artificial intelligence and the society Takeyoshi Imai
(Hosei University Law School)
2006C What is needed to disseminate effective traffic safety education for school children, students, etc.
- Research on building an education dissemination scheme -
Kazuhisa Ogawa
(Tohoku Institute of Technology)
2007A Development of Database on Roundabouts and Collection of Case Examples in Japan Hideki Nakamura
(Nagoya University)
2008A Research on development of safe and comfortable road environment with electric personal mobility Koji Suzuki
(Nagoya Institute of technology)
2020 Development of public awareness on health-related accident prevention in Asian countries Takeshi Tanigawa
(Juntendo University)
2021 Practical implementation of community-based road design in small cities in India Satoru Kobayakawa
(Nihon University)
2041C Meta-design of sustainable urban and transport development focusing on safer motorcycle use in ASEAN-Toward the spread of “Honda model” as meta-design Kenji Doi
(Osaka University)
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