ATRANS and IATSS joint session entitled
“Data Collection on Motorcycle Crashes”

International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS) and Asian Transportation
Research Society (ATRANS) held the joint session entitled “Data Collection on Motor Cycle
Crashes" in 12th annual conference.
Delegates from each organizations (Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand,
Vietnam, Japan) shared the information and discussed the current situation.

◆ Time
22nd, 23rd August 2019
◆ Venue
The Chatrium Hotel Riverside, Bangkok, Thailand

Session theme & background

Data collection on Motorcycle Crashes

  • To reduce the fatalities caused by traffic crashes, the evidence based analysis
    and countermeasures are needed.
  • IATSS has learned that data collection systems differ from country to country
    and also it is one of the key issues around the globe.
  • Some countries say that they have already built their own traffic crash data
    collection and management system. Sharing their experience will help others
    to break through their issues.
  • At the same time, as building such system requires more time, each country
    already might have introduced some countermeasures.

Series of the session (draft)

1st year (2019) : Share Current Situation

  • Participants share “the way to collect data”, “kinds of data”, “data management” in each country.

2nd year (2020) : Find Needed Data

  • Through data analysis, participants specify the data which will be needed to
    analyze traffic crashes.

Final year (2021) : Find Countermeasures

  • As a goal of the final year, participants are to find countermeasures.
  • As a goal of a series of these sessions, ATRANS and IATSS would like
    participants to present the discussion outcome to the decision maker and
    improve their motivation for the reduction of traffic crashes.


1. Brief introduction of the session

Dr. Sumet ONGKITTIKUL (ATRANS / Director, Thailand Development Research Institute)

Mr. Toru YOSHIHARA (IATSS General Manager of the Research Division , Japan)

2. Keynote speech

Ms. Mirjam SIDIK (CEO, Asia Injury Prevention Foundation, Vietnam)

3. Summary of pre session

Dr. Sumet ONGKITTIKUL (ATRANS / Director, Thailand Development Research Institute)

4. Short presentations of case study

Dr. Md. Abu TALAB (Center for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh)

Dr. Shaw Voon WONG (University Putra Malaysia)

Dr. Ricard G. SIGUA (University of Philippines)

(Senior Lecturer, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology)

Dr. Phathai SINGKHAM
(Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand)

Dr. Satoru KOBAYAKAWA (Nihon University, Japan)

5. Discussion and Q&A
6. Closing

Mr. Toru YOSHIHARA (IATSS General Manager of the Research Division , Japan)

Organizer’s note

IATSS and ATRANS are grateful for all participants’ cooperation.
This “2 days session on data collection” was the first collaborative initiative
for us. Experts from each organization shared and discussed the current
situation. Through the discussion, we achieved the primary objective, sharing
current situation. In addition, we could find important viewpoints as follows.

  • 1) Establishing common systems in Asia for management and analysis on
     crash data, like IRTAD
  • 2) Observing actual crash site, not merely relying on crash data
  • 3) Considering how to improve expertise in data collection for parties including police
  • 4) Integrating and analyzing the crash data collected by each organization
     We would like to continue this session with all participants.
     Thank you very much.

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