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The project theme in the 2022 fiscal year

Project number Project theme Project leader Details
2201A Creating enriched communities through enhancement of health capital to achieve the SDGs Shunsuke Managi Outline
2202A New ways of living using automated driving vehicle-identifying the pressing matters in the near future and how to resolve them Takeyoshi Imai Outline
2203C Development of Walkable City Assessment Method Tomohiro Ichinose Outline
2204B A cross-cultural study on health-related traffic accidents in Asian countries Masaya Takahashi Outline
2205B Solving transportation problems and measuring educational effectiveness in high school commuting in a mid-mountain area Yuto Kitamura Outline
2206A Development on Smart Traffic Enforcement Using Artificial Intelligence Akinori Morimoto Outline
2207A Development and Implementation of a Program for Transforming Traffic Safety Behavior in Cambodia Kenji Doi Outline
2208C Study on the development of a safe and comfortable road environment under mixed electric mobility Koji Suzuki Outline
2220 Providing information on the actual situation and case studies of roundabouts in Japan based on the database development Hideki Nakamura Outline

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