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The project theme in the 2023 fiscal year

Project number Project theme Project leader Details
2301B Creating enriched communities through enhancement of health capital to achieve the SDGs Shunsuke Managi Outline
2302B New ways of living using automated driving vehicle-identifying the pressing matters in the near future and how to resolve them. Takeyoshi Imai Outline
2303A Feasibility Study of Drivers Yielding Behavior to the Pedestrians at Unsignalized Crossing Satoru Kobayakawa Outline
2304C A cross-cultural study on health-related traffic accidents in Asian countries Masaya Takahashi Outline
2305A Elucidation of accident mechanisms and safety measures using XR
~Focusing on extreme weather events in the northern Japan region~
Hidekatsu Hamaoka Outline
2306B Research on efficient accident prevention measures using artificial intelligence Akinori Morimoto Outline
2307B Development and Implementation of a Road Safety Behavior Change Program in Cambodia Kenji Doi Outline
2308A Proposal for Symbiotic Design of Transportation Society Centered on Cooperative Happiness - From Sustainability to Bountiful Regeneration Masanobu Kii Outline
2309A Study for Accelerating the Spread of Japanese Roundabouts Hideki Nakamura Outline
2310A Development and application of educational and behavior change programs to realize a child-friendly transportation environment that facilitates the raising of children Nobuaki Ohmori Outline
2311A New Motorcycle Branding for Well-Being Taro Sekine Outline
2312A International Comparative Study on Environmental Improvement for Acceptability and Safety of Small Electric Mobility Vehicles Koji Suzuki Outline
2313A Automobile in the carbon neutral era Mariko Futamura Outline
2314A Should Cities Become Walkable? A Cross-cutting Discussion Based on Data Akinobu Murakami Outline
2320A Publication and implementation of Walkable City Assessment Methods Tomohiro Ichinose Outline
2321A Educational activities for solving transportation problems in high schools in mountainous areas Yuto Kitamura Outline
2330 Survey study on initiatives related to traffic and safety in future cities Fumihiko Nakamura Outline

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