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The project theme in the 2018 fiscal year

Project number Project theme
1801 International Comparison: Traffic Safety Goal-Setting and Transportation Culture—International Comparative Study of Traffic Safety Technologies, Systems and Culture
1802 Support for Implementation of Information-Sharing-Based Traffic Safety Schemes in Southeast Asia
1803 Survey of ITS Implementation in Asia and Research on Guideline Creation
1804 Role of Public Transportation in Supporting Cultural and Creative Functions of Cities
1805 The Self-Driving Age and Transportation Systems: Human Beings, AI and the Transportation Society
1806 What is Necessary to Widely Promote Effective Traffic Safety Educationfor School Children?—Study on Formulation of Education Promotion Schemes
1807 Empirical research on health-related accident prevention & public awareness countermeasure improvement
1820 School Zone "Vision Zero" — Communication Activities for Promoting Comprehensive Traffic Safety Management in School Zones
1821 Traffic Safety Education in Cambodia Through Cross-Sector Collaboration
1822 Local Development of Bicycle Education Program for People with Disabilities Using Inclusive Cycling Handbook
1840 Locally Rooted Planning/Design Recommendations and Societal Implementation Initiatives in Small-Scale City Groups in India—Toward Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
1841 Proposal for Safety-Based Sustainable Urban Transport Development Utilizing Two-Wheeler Culture
1830 Overseas Surveys (Database)

The past project theme

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