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IATSS Review

IATSS Review is an academic journal which IATSS publishes.
The problems about traffic and its safety are considered interdisciplinarily.

IATSS Review is used in Japanese language only.


IATSS RESEARCH, published four times a year in English, is a comprehensive international academic journal for transport and transport-related safety issues. It consists principally of contributions from many countries and research papers requested of various countries related to a featured theme.


IATSS Booklet

Commemorative Publication

“Traffic and Safety Sciences: Interdisciplinary Wisdom of IATSS” (first edition) was published as a commemorative publication to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of IATSS, which aims to be a pioneering textbook focusing on interdisciplinary nature, a distinctive characteristic of IATSS.

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Internatioal Report

In 2013, Young researchers authored the reports with regard to traffic safety education and information campaign activities. To improve their reports, IATSS held the International Workshop 2014 with authors and IATSS members.

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