The Best Paper Award

For an outstanging paper published in either the IATSS Review or the IATSS RESEARCH.

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Year Title Published Recipient
In 2023
Evaluation of risk factors for road accidents under mixed traffic: Case study on Indian highways IATSS RESEARCH Vol.46 Issue.4 Sujata Basu
Pritam Saha
The Shipping Industry Regarding Awashima located in the Seto Inland Sea and Hayase in Wakasa Bay in the Early Modern Period of Japan IATSS Review Vol.46 No.2 Norifumi Kawahara
The Socio-Cultural Background of the Differential Charges System in French Inter-City Railways IATSS Review Vol.46 No.2 Keiko Kurita
International and intercultural differences in arguments used against road safety policy measures IATSS RESEARCH Vol.46 Issue.1 Wouter Van den Berghe, Nicola Christie
Attitude toward physical activity as a determinant of bus use intention: A case study in Asuke, Japan IATSS RESEARCH Vol.44 Issue.4 Yen Tran, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Hitomi Sato, Tomio Miwa, Takayuki Morikawa
Normal and risky driving patterns identification in clear and rainy weather on freeway segments using vehicle kinematics trajectories and time series cluster analysis IATSS RESEARCH Vol.45 Issue.1 Elhashemi M. Ali, Mohamed M. Ahmed, Guangchuan Yang
A meta-analysis of the impacts of operating in-vehicle information systems on road safety IATSS RESEARCH Vol.43 Issue.3 Apostolos Ziakopoulos,
Athanasios Theofilatos,
Eleonora Papadimitriou,
George Yannis
Modeling cyclists' facility choice and its application in bike lane usage forecasting IATSS RESEARCH Vol.42 Issue.2 Nguyen Duc-Nghiem,
Nguyen Hoang-Tung,
Aya Kojima,
Hisashi Kubota