Be aware of traffic rules in Japan Video Archive


The project theme in the 2017 fiscal year. Project number:1710
International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences, Ed.
Driving Safety Awareness Video for Foreign Visitors to Japan


The video explains important points for safe driving in Japan in an easy-to-understand manner, including road driving methods, such as right-of-way, left-of-way, traffic signal indications, and the difference in "stop" signs. (English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, and Malay versions are available)

English version (long)

English version (short)

Chinese version (long)

Chinese version (short)

Formosan version (long)

Formosan version (short)

Korean version (long)

Korean version (short)

Malay version (long)

Malay version (short)

Thai version (long)

Thai version (short)