IATSS Research Project Reporting and Award Ceremony 2022 fiscal year

International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences has held research project external reporting and award ceremony 2022 fiscal year. 156 participants attended this event. In this year, 4 projects were reported for the research project external reporting. And 1 achievement was awarded for the Achievement award and 3 paper were awarded for the paper award. The event has been uploaded on IATSS YouTube channel. We are waiting for your access.

IATSS Research Project external reporting(English version)

IATSS Award Ceremony(English version)

14th April, 2023 13:00~18:00(JST) (Reception starts at 12:40~)
◇Event Format:
Hybrid with on-site + remote delivery
Keidanren Kaikan 2F Keidanren Hall
1-3-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8188

FY 2022 IATSS Research Project Reporting Program


Opening Remarks

Kazuhiko Takeuchi,
President, IATSS

Report Theme ①[2207A]
Development and Implementation of a Program for Transforming Traffic Safety Behavior in Cambodia
Kenji Doi
Report Theme ②[2203C]
Development of Walkable City Assessment Method
Tomohiro Ichinose
[Break] 15 min
Report Theme ③[2208C]
Study on the development of a safe and comfortable road environment under mixed electric mobility
Koji Suzuki
Report Theme ④[2220]
Providing information on the actual situation and case studies of roundabouts in Japan based on the database development
Hideki Nakamura

Concluding remarks

Takeshi Tanigawa
Chairperson, Research Department,
Planning Committee

The 44th (FY 2022) IATSS Award Ceremony Program


Introduction of distinguished guests



Opening Remarks

Kazuhiko Takeuchi,
President, IATSS


Selection Progress Report

Kazuhisa Ogawa
Chairperson, Awards and Grants Department,
planning committee

Presentation of Awards

Achievement Award:

The Power of Snow Removal to Protect Runways
- Passing on snow removal skills to fight against heavy snowfall -
Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd.
CHIZAKIDORO Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Branch

Paper Award:

The Shipping Industry Regarding Awashima located in the Seto Inland Sea and Hayase in Wakasa Bay in the Early Modern Period of Japan
Norifumi Kawahara
The Socio-Cultural Background of the Differential Charges System in French Inter-City Railways
Keiko Kurita
International and intercultural differences in arguments used against road safety policy measures
Wouter Van den Berghe
Nicola Christie

congratulatory address

Yoshimi Ogata
Deputy Director General of the National Police Agency
Kanji Takizawa
Deputy Director-General, Cabinet Office



Norifumi Kawahara
Keiko Kurita
Wouter Van den Berghe
Nicola Christie


Presentation of achievements:
The Power of Snow Removal to Protect Runways
-People tackling heavy snowfall and passing on snow removal skills-

Hokkaido Airports Co., Ltd.


Closing Remarks

Nobuyuki Kawai
General director, IATSS