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In our interdisciplinary efforts aimed at safer transportation and a worry-free future, we are proactively arranging exchanges with various foreign organizations and experts.
We cooperate with members invited from overseas and honorary members from abroad. We also provide young researchers with opportunities for interdisciplinary and international research activities and a chance to present their research results, regardless of nationality. We also provide assistance to related overseas research organizations.

Traffic Safety Education and Public Awareness Activities in 8 Countries

In 2013, Young researchers authored the reports with regard to traffic safety education and information campaign activities. To improve their reports, IATSS held the International Workshop 2014 with authors and IATSS members.

International Report Back Number

Issue Title Section PDF
2011 Publication of “Changes in Traffic Safety Policies and Regulations in 7 Countries (1950-2010) Full text PDF 12.8MB
Preface, Index PDF 0.573MB
China PDF 3.63MB
Indonesia PDF 5.92MB
Taiwan PDF 1.59MB
Turkey PDF 1.37MB
Japan PDF 3.56MB