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“Traffic and Safety Sciences: Interdisciplinary Wisdom of IATSS” (first edition) was published as a commemorative publication to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of IATSS, which aims to be a pioneering textbook focusing on interdisciplinary nature, a distinctive characteristic of IATSS.

Traffic and Safety Sciences:
Interdisciplinary Wisdom of IATSS

【About this book】
Compiled by the International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences
First edition (Commemorative publication to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of IATSS), March 31, 2015
A4 Size / 212 pages
Production assistance: The Japan Times, Ltd.
Electronic edition:ISBN  978-4-9900252-3-6
Paper edition:ISBN  978-4-9900252-1-2
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Cover, Table of contents
Cover PDF 0.36MB
Introduction PDF 0.10MB
Special features and application of this book PDF 0.10MB
Authors PDF 0.09MB
Contents PDF 0.12MB
Chapter 1: Cities and transportation PDF 1.82MB
Chapter 2: Transportation and land use PDF 1.18MB
Chapter 3: Transportation and the environment PDF 0.66MB
Chapter 4: Traffic engineering PDF 0.75MB
Chapter 5: Intelligent Transport Systems PDF 1.09MB
Chapter 6: The image of automobile safety PDF 1.12MB
Chapter 7: Technologies for safety improvement PDF 0.79MB
Chapter 8: Traffic psychology PDF 0.51MB
Chapter 9: Traffic safety and medicine PDF 0.59MB
Chapter 10: Laws and policies pertaining to traffic safety PDF 0.49MB
Chapter 11: Sustainable growth—An economic perspective PDF 0.59MB
Final thoughts: Resilient mobility society PDF 0.43MB
A land utilization framework and transportation system for declining population PDF 0.58MB
Quality of mobility required for super-aged cities PDF 0.50MB
Urban development from parking lots considering inner-city parking density PDF 0.22MB
Practical optimal signal control emphasizing pedestrian road crossing realities PDF 0.32MB
Significant reduction of cycle length via a two-stage crossing system PDF 0.59MB
A study on the practical deployment and promotion of safe and ecological roundabouts PDF 0.75MB
A study on the role and limitations of motorcycles as a means of urban transport in Southeast Asia PDF 0.40MB
Practical application of a public involvement-type system for planning and evaluating road traffic safety measures PDF 0.80MB
Identification of brain regions associated with the central and peripheral visual field and applications for improving traffic safety PDF 0.56MB
An educational program for better control of emotions while driving PDF 0.30MB
A study on safety measures considering the psychological behavior characteristics of cyclists, from adolescents to the elderly PDF 0.55MB
Addressing issues associated with prehospital emergency transportation PDF 1.25MB
Dissemination and promotion of screening for sleep disorders PDF 0.36MB
Creating installation guidelines for tactile ground surface indicators (braille blocks) for the visually impaired PDF 0.77MB
Ensuring urban public transportation mobility for people with intellectual disabilities PDF 0.43MB
A study on the level of service for local public transport to secure basic daily life PDF 0.23MB
Traffic safety and traffic enforcement PDF 0.54MB
Interdisciplinary research on the criminal charge of dangerous driving causing death or serious injury PDF 0.30MB
Smoothly promoting urban development for transportation through collaboration between government and local organizations PDF 0.54MB
Realization of earthquake disaster crisis management and a society with safe and secure transportation PDF 0.59MB