International SymposiumEvent

IATSS 2012 International Workshop
Transportation and Safety for the Coming Age
- Learning from the Lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake -

Hosted by:
International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences
Co-hosted by
United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace
Supported by:
Cabinet Office; National Police Agency; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism;
Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis; Japan Traffic Safety Association;
Japan Automobile Federation; Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Welfare Foundation;
The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan;
Japan Society of Traffic Engineers; The Japanese Geotechnical Society;
The Japan Society of Transportation Economics;
The Japanese Association of Traffic Psychology;
The Japan Research Center for Transport Policy;
Japan Concrete Institute; Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture;
The City Planning Institute of Japan

"Traffic Safety Policies: An International Comparison of Policy Changes"
Session by IATSS International Exchange Department
Thursday,20 September 9:45-12:30

Young transportation researchers from seven countries (areas) presented on the implications of the changing traffic accident situations and traffic safety policies and regulations in each of their countries over the last 60 years (1950-2010).

Handouts English(PDF 9.99MB)

Handouts Japanese(PDF 10.4MB)


  • Dr. Hongmei Zhou
  • Dr. Tri Tjahjono
  • Dr. Tsu-Hurng Yeh
  • Dr. Ilgin Gökaşar
  • Dr. Anurag Pand
  • Prof. Katsumi Kojima
  • Moderator
    Dr. Takao Goto

Note: Dr. Samantha Jamson (UK) was unable to attend due to urgent business.


"Traffic Safety in the Future"
Session by IATSS Symposium Department
Thursday,20 September 13:30-17:30

We discussed the future direction of traffic safety based on lectures and panel discussions given by distinguished overseas experts from various fields.

Handouts(PDF 6.22MB)


The content of presentations will be compiled in a book for publication at the end of March 2013.


  • Prof. Ekkehard Brühning
  • Dr. Dominique Fleury
  • Prof. Werner Brilon
    (IATSS Overseas Fellow)
  • Prof. David F. Dinges

Panel Discussion

  • Moderator
    Takeshi Tanigawa
    (IATSS Member)
  • Panelists: the above four presenters


"Transportation and Safety during Emergencies"
Session by IATSS Special Research Project Team on Great East Japan Earthquake
Friday,21 September 13:30-17:00

After the disaster from The Great East Japan Earthquake, we have conducted broad-ranging discussion on the restoration and new creation of the areas affected by the disaster. Based on those activities so far, we invited experts from both Japan and overseas for in-depth discussion of "Transportation and Safety during Emergencies" from a variety of viewpoints.

Handouts(PDF 8.63MB)


  • Explanation of

    Kazuhiko Takeuchi
    (IATSS Director)
  • Research Report

    Yoshitsugu Hayashi
    (IATSS Counsellor)
  • Keynote Address

    Makoto Iokibe
    Chancellor of Prefectural University of Kumamoto

Panel Discussion

  • Heita Kawakatsu
    Governor of Shizuoka
    Prefectural Government
  • Prof. Sutanto Soehodho
    (IATSS Overseas Invited Member)
  • Dr. Srikantha Herath
    (Sri Lanka)
  • Prof. David F. Dinges
  • Yoshitsugu Hayashi
    (IATSS Counsellor)
  • Moderator:
    Takayuki Kishii
    (IATSS Member)
  • A scene from the panel discussion

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